Without your sensitive, straightforward and effective approach, we would be set back years in achieving our ultimate goal of the dissolution of our marriage with minimal impact.
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About Us - Attorney Bios

Marilyn E. Moreno

Marilyn is a Certified Family Law Specialist who has been practicing in the area of family law since 1982. She is a graduate of Stanford Law School. She was selected by San Jose Magazine from 1999 through 2007 as one of the best family law lawyers in San Jose. (San Jose Magazine ceased publication in 2007.) She was listed as one of the top 50 female "Superlawyers" in Northern California at www.superlawyers.com.

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Karl Nastrom

Karl comes to The Moreno Family Law Firm with a diverse background. He was an intelligence officer in the Air Force for five years and also worked five years as a high school math teacher. He has a Masters Degree in creative writing from Newcastle University in England. After graduating from law school at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, he worked in civil litigation doing intellectual property law and as an Assistant Federal Defender.

Shelley R. O'Brien

Shelley has been a vigorous and passionate advocate for more than 30 years after graduating from Stanford Law School. She originally worked with Melvin Belli in San Francisco and has since work in various areas of civil litigation, including family law, business litigation and personal injury. Bringing civil actions against perpetrators of domestic violence has been a focus of her recent work.

Shelley wrote the appeals in two published cases: _Warfield v.
Peninsula Golf & Country Club _(1995)10 Cal. 4th 594 (recognized the application of the Unruh Civil Rights statute to private country clubs prohibiting membership of women); _In re Marriage of Candiotti_ (1995)

34 Cal. App. 4th 718 (order of prior restraint in dissolution case violated constitutional right of free speech in a family law case). She recently authored the successful appellate brief for attorney's fees in a domestic violence case Bolander v. Bolander, Case No. A134509. The Appellate Court reversed the trial court's order denying attorney's fees to the victim of domestic violence.

Shelley is married with two children, one of whom has special needs.

David Lucarelli-Cowles

David worked for Findlaw as a writer and Kaplan, Inc. as an LSAT instructor prior to joining The Moreno Family Law Firm. He graduated from UCLA for both law school and a B.A. in history. As an undergraduate, he made the Dean's List five times. David is an Eagle Scout.