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Child Support

The child support lawyers and attorneys of the San Jose office of The Moreno Family Law Firm can assist you in having the maximum possible time with your children.

Alimony and child support are determined by complicated formulas in California. There are computer programs that take all of the factors into consideration when calculating support.

Child support, in brief, is determined by the respective incomes of the father and mother, and by how much time each parent has with the child.

It might seem that the computer programs can be run by anyone and the same result arrived at. Such is not the case. We are very experienced with the changes that can result if you don't carefully consider bonuses, overtime, self employment income, 401(k) deductions, cafeteria plans, income from the exercise of stock options and various other different things that can effect the amount of income available to pay support.

In addition, we have handled cases where one spouse is not earning up to their potential. Sometimes these reasons are legitimate and sometimes not. We have dealt with cases involving homemakers and stay-at-home dads as well as persons suffering from substance abuse or depression.

Visitation arrangements play a large role in the determination of child support because they effect the percentage of time each party has with the child. Weekends, overnights, afternoon visits, day care, summer camps, holidays and other circumstances all have to be factored in carefully to determine the correct percentage of time to be applied.

In a child support case where the parties were not married, we can obtain, when necessary, a determination of paternity if the father feels that he may not be biologically related to the child.

We are very experienced in taking all factors into consideration in arriving at the amount of support that is due from one party to another.

Contact the child support lawyers and attorneys at the San Jose office of The Moreno Family Law Firm to help you with your case today.