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choosing a divorce lawyer

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"Listen to Your Instincts" is something that not enough people do when hiring a lawyer. It's like they expect not to be able to relate to the lawyer on the other side of the desk, and when they find that it's true, they think that is normal. IT'S NOT NORMAL! You should feel comfortable with your attorney. You have to share details of your private life with this person.

You should also be confidant that this person can handle the requirements of your case. Some of that confidence will come from following your instincts, but a large part of the confidence should come when, in the initial interview, the lawyer tells you how he/she plans to conduct your case. Obviously the plan will be a little general, but you should come out of the initial interview in agreement with the attorney about what your key issues are and how the attorney thinks you should approach these issues.

If all you get from your attorney at the initial interview is "Yes, I can help you with that" but you get no idea of what that help will be, find another attorney. Because if you don't, that's what you will get for your entire case, a "plan" that is never explained to you, never implemented and ultimately resolved the way the other party's lawyer wants it resolved.

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"Listen to Your Instincts"

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