Without your sensitive, straightforward and effective approach, we would be set back years in achieving our ultimate goal of the dissolution of our marriage with minimal impact.
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Divorce is the primary service we provide at the Moreno Family Law Firm. In conjunction with obtaining your divorce for you, we also will determine spousal support, child support, child custody and visitation, division of property, assets and debts, restraining orders and whatever other issues apply to your case. We also modify prior orders if you already have been divorced.

Legal separation is also an option instead of obtaining a divorce. However, this option is rarely utilized, since the process is essentially the same as the process for divorce, except you are not divorced.

We do easy divorces when the parties basically agree, and we do complicated divorces when the parties don't agree or have difficult issues to resolve. Whether or not the parties can agree has a lot to do with how much the divorce costs.




Serial philanderers: They are loyal - to the emotions that accompany the start of love.

- Alain de Botton