Without your sensitive, straightforward and effective approach, we would be set back years in achieving our ultimate goal of the dissolution of our marriage with minimal impact.
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Milpitas Divorce Lawyer

The Milpitas, CA divorce lawyers and attorneys of The Moreno Family Law Firm can assist you with your divorce, child custody or visitation, child support or alimony case.

From Highway 280, take the Southwest Expressway exit just past downtown San Jose. Veer left after exiting and turn left at Fruitvale, the 1st traffic signal you encounter. Turn right on Meridian, which is again the 1st traffic signal. Continue down Meridian until Hamilton Ave and turn left onto Hamilton Ave. 1506 Hamilton Ave is JUST past Safeway on the right.

From Highway 880, go towards Los Gatos. Exit at Hamilton Ave and turn left. Cross Bascom, Leigh and Meridian. 1506 Hamilton Ave is JUST past Safeway on the right after you cross Meridian.

One slightly confusing thing about getting to 1506 Hamilton Ave is that the address numbers on Hamilton change at Leigh Ave. If you are coming towards 1506 Hamilton from the 880/17 freeway, the address numbers, after you cross Bascom, build up hopefully towards 1506. At the corner of Hamilton and Leigh there is a large two-story office building with the address 1500 E. Hamilton Ave. Almost there, you might think.

However, once you cross Leigh you are no longer on East Hamilton Ave. You are now on plain old Hamilton Ave. Wait just one moment you might think. I'm was on East Hamilton, driving towards the East, how did Hamilton Ave lose the E? Well, it did. The 1st Congregational Church, which is across Leigh from the two-story building is at 1980 Hamilton Ave. So now, even though previously the address numbers built up to 1500, they are counting down from 1980. To get to our office at 1506 Hamilton Ave you have to cross Meridian and we are on the right-hand side JUST past the Safeway.

Contact the Milpitas, CA divorce lawyers and attorneys at The Moreno Family Law Firm to help you with your case today.