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Modify Prior Orders

The lawyers and attorneys of the San Jose office of The Moreno Family Law Firm can assist you in modifying prior orders to fit your present situation.

Custody, visitation and support orders can be modified if the circumstances change.

For instance, one of the parties' salary could change, which would lead to a different amount of support being due. Or one party could get laid off. Or a custody or visitation order may not be working as intended. Or perhaps one of the parents has had a setback in their personal life which makes them unsuitable as a care-giver.

As life changes, existing court orders may have to be modified to take into account the new circumstances. We frequently assist clients in obtaining modifications.

If you feel that a prior order was completely wrong, based upon the facts known at the time or the facts that should have been known, then you may be able to set aside the prior order and obtain a new order. This is true for property division, also. However, there may be time limitations on setting aside a prior order. It is important to consult a competent family law lawyer as soon as possible if you think you may have to set aside a prior order.

Contact the order modification lawyers and attorneys at the San Jose office of The Moreno Family Law Firm to help you with your case today.