Without your sensitive, straightforward and effective approach, we would be set back years in achieving our ultimate goal of the dissolution of our marriage with minimal impact.
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The property division lawyers and attorneys of the San Jose office of The Moreno Family Law Firm can assist you in dividing your marital property.

California is a community property state, and generally, property acquired during marriage is divided 50/50.

So what do you need an attorney for?

Well, someone has to determine what property has to be divided. Do you know about property under your spouse's control? What if they're hiding assets?

Someone has to decide what the valuation of the property should be. Maybe you are sure the house has $400,000 of equity. But can you deduct selling costs if one spouse buys out the other? Which spouse should buy the house, anyway? What about taxes?

What if one spouse owned property before the marriage, how is that handled? Family home? Inherited property? Insurance proceeds? Small business? Commercial real estate? Stock options? Pensions and 401(k)'s?

There are a variety of complications that can arise, even in a community property state. You should be confident that you have been treated fairly in the division of  property. You can be sure that the results are fair to you when the experienced, aggressive attorneys from The Moreno Family Law Firm are on your side.

Contact the property division lawyers and attorneys at the San Jose office of The Moreno Family Law Firm to help you with your case today.