Without your sensitive, straightforward and effective approach, we would be set back years in achieving our ultimate goal of the dissolution of our marriage with minimal impact.
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san Jose Divorce Lawyer

I just wanted to thank you for your super fabulous work today. Seeing you in action just solidified my confidence in you and our working together. You have from the beginning kept me on the right path protecting me from myself even in a scary and confusing  time. You have helped me protect my son and what I believe are his best interests. I am so grateful for that. I know we are no where near the end of things but I'm so happy about the temporary outcome today. I truly feel we are on the right path, and you got us there. Sometime it's nice to just take the time to say thank you. I really appreciate it. It was so nice that we could even have a few light moments where we were laughing and smiling through a not so funny situation. 

I'd like to say thank you for working on my case these past two months. I am very pleased with the service, you were very organized and showed high professionalism. Thanks a lot for being with me in the deposition. Couldn't have done it without you! Really, it was very frightening! Thanks for having so much patience with me. You are awesome!

I'm indebted to you for your masterful handling of our meeting. There is no doubt that your efforts derailed an adversarial alternative, sparing us tremendous emotional turmoil, not to mention considerable time and expense. ...Without your sensitive, straightforward and effective approach, we would be set back years  in achieving our ultimate goal of the dissolution of our marriage with minimal impact.

The following isn't really a testimonial, it is an excerpt from a letter from opposing counsel, but we'll take it as a testimonial. And yes, its a real quote from a real letter.

Much to my surprise, Judge XXX dealt on a pendente lite basis with all of the requests you wanted, i.e. temporary support, and refused to address the issues I raised such as giving credit to [my client] for payments made for the benefit of your client since the date of separation, refusing to deal with my client's request that your client be expressly ordered to pay the mortgage, property tax, utilities, car payment, etc. refusing to give us a specific order concerning the selected items my client should be allowed to remove from the family residence since the judge did give your client exclusive possession, etc.

...So much for equal protection under the law and blind justice.

...Clearly yesterday's hearing was not a half-way compromise; rather, it was a hearing in which the judge bent over backwards to give your client everything they asked for and conveniently ignored all of the issues we raised. If the judge continues to show such biases we will take appropriate action.

Thank you so much for getting the move away order. Having you on my side really gave me the strength that I needed today in the court. I pray to God that He blesses you abundantly so that you can help many more families like mine.

My sincere thanks for fighting hard in court for the safety of the children and myself and getting the custody settled.   This may be just another case for the firm but you have helped an abused woman and her children who have endured lot of pain and tyranny. You made the court to see the truth and brought justice. You both are important people in my life who helped me through this difficult time.

Thanks so much for all the help, guidance and legal support you've given me the last few years. I know that these cases are long drawn, little did I realize! But at every stage you have helped me analyze and have provided knowledgeable solutions. You are such an efficient and amazing woman.... I could not have gotten anyone better in any way. I will most definitely recommend you to anyone, (I have already)  who needs a family lawyer.

Thanks for getting the court to deny the financial motion today. You were outstanding. You are a great inspiration for me.  Thank you for watching over me and the kids all the time. My mom conveys her regards to you as well.